• BetterYet

    Drink craft beer. Be rewarded. Anywhere you go.

  • Cash rewards on craft beer

    Drink Craft Beer

    Get cash for buying your favorite craft beer, or for trying something new. Get craft, get cash.

    Wherever You Buy

    Earn cash wherever and whenever you buy craft beer. The bar, the restaurant, the store? Yup, all of them.

    Get Real Rewards

    No tricks, no coupons, just cash rewards. Transfer to PayPal, Interac or gift cards.

  • How BetterYet Works


    Browse Offers

    Scan and select your top local cash back offers.


    Make a Purchase

    No coupons or loyalty cards. Spend as your normally would at the bar or store.


    Redeem & Earn

    Upload a picture of your receipt and get cash back.

  • About Us

    At BetterYet we know it doesn't get much better than drinking a great, locally made beer. With the free BetterYet mobile app you get cash for drinking your favorite craft beers or trying new ones, all while supporting the craft industry as a whole.

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