• BetterYet Analytics

    Turning data into actionable insights for your business

  • Grow sales confidently, eliminate guesswork

  • Sales Benchmarking

    Identify where you surpass and are falling short of sales targets, and determine where to strategically double down on sales efforts (e.g. where should I go to boost my new sour’s sales?).

  • Store Selection

    Acquiring shelf space in retail stores costs time and money, so don’t leave it up to chance. BetterYet does the analytics legwork of identifying locations with high sales potential and low risk of premature de-listing.

  • Retain Sales Channels

    Getting into a retail channel is hard enough. BetterYet ensures you never unnecessarily lose one.


    Track performance at every location, identify which stores are low on inventory, which may have your cans just sitting in the back and which are close to not meeting minimum sales thresholds.