• Market Intelligence

    Ensure your products and sales teams are in tune with your customers.

  • Identify Trends & Opportunities

    The alcohol industry changes at a breakneck pace - identifying trends and staying ahead of the curve is critical to staying ahead of the competition in a crowded market. BetterYet gives you the tools to do just that in just a few clicks.

    Own Your Market

    Understanding key market indicators is key to success for producers of all sizes. BetterYet will help you optimize distribution, identify untapped markets and drive immediate sales success with our tools to effectively connect with customers.

    Benchmark Your Performance

    With live market data BetterYet enables you to benchmark your performance vs competitors and industry players in real time. Always have your finger on the pulse of the market.

  • A flexible and easy-to-use platform that helps you unlock market insights, reduce unnecessary costs and increase sales

    BetterYet helps your business answer real questions using live, proprietary market data.

    Here are a few questions we've helped our clients answer:

    Which neighbourhoods is my new sour likely to sell best in? How can I get it more effectively into downtown licensees?

    How well does our IPA sell in the summer as compared to our competitors in our main market? How can we boost those sales?

    Which demographics are each of my products resonating the best with? How do I best connect with my highest potential customers?

  • How To Get Started


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    Choose a plan & price that works for you

    Whether you are expanding or simply trying to better own your home market, we have the solution for you.


    Unlock key insights, make effective choices

    Have 24/7 access to your market intelligence and brand position insights. Effectively navigate market growth opportunities.

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