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    BetterYet provides your business with personalized market intelligence so you can better understand your customer's preferences, attract the right crowds, and increase sales

  • Market Intelligence Reports

    Every two weeks BetterYet will send you a custom report highlighting unique market and customer insights specifically tailored for your business.


    Have a look at a real sample report below:

  • Interested in getting your hands on the underlying data?
    Try the BetterYet Data Studio

    A powerful and easy-to-use platform that helps you unlock market insights and increase sales - with the flexibility required to answer any business questions

    Where should we open our next location?

    What are the best wines to stock during the winter?

    How can I attract more people 19-24 into my business?

  • Better products = Better sales

    Beer, wine, spirits? We've got you covered.
    Increase alcohol sales of up to 35% simply by knowing what to stock and when to stock it
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